Friday, November 16, 2007

Hello again and Hoya lobbii

Its been awhile since I posted last, and my hoya collection has grown by leaps and bounds. I now have 121 different varieties of hoya. I have collected hoyas from suppliers in Hawaii, Australia and the Netherlands, and have traded with friends in Canada, the U.S. and Sweden. It just amazes me that these sometimes skinny sticks I receive in the mail survive in a closed up box for up to two weeks, and not only can I root them, but they grow into robust plants that produce these amazing flowers. Some hoyas have flowers that are up to 3" in diameter. And at the other end of the spectrum some hoya flowers can be as small as 1/8". They grow in sprays of flowers called umbels, anywhere from 3 to 50 growing from the head of a bloom spur called a peduncle. This first photo is of Hoya lobbii, which is my most recent hoya flower. Hoya lobbii comes from Burma and its growth is bushy. Each flower is about 3/4" in diameter. This plant bloomed the first time in 2006 with only 6 flowers in the umbel. This time it had 12 and it really excited me. What can I say? I'm easily pleased.


Sun-Flower said...

Love your lobbii colour

CeeDub said...

Thanks Sun-Flower. I no longer have that plant, but I have two more H. lobbii; one the same as this one, and another with maroon flowers. Neither has flowered for me yet though, but I'll be sure to post more hoyas on this blog. I have several more hoyas with first time buds right now.