Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hoya Heuscheliana

This hoya comes from the Philippines, each flower is about 1/8" in diameter and are an unremarkable yellow colour. I got this plant as an unrooted cutting from a friend in Oregon in the fall of 2005. The fascinating things about these flowers for me is both that they are so tiny, and that at night they smell like a buttery, butterscotch candy. It also amazes me that the flower never opens more than what you see in the picture. I showed a co-worker the picture and she said that the flowers remind her of a Chinese lantern. For me, the umbels of flowers never have more than six or eight in them. Hopefully when this plant is more mature, it will produce umbels with more flowers. There's another variation of this hoya that has pink flowers, and I think they are even smaller than these. I think I may have to acquire that one too!

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