Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Use for a Mini Greenhouse

This stand used to be a mini greenhouse. At one time I tried to start annuals from seed, so my wonderful mother bought me this for my birthday a few years back. Some of my seedlings did okay but it was just too labour intensive for me, especially when bedding plants are so cheap and so easy to find in my area. So, I took its plastic "cape" off and initially turned it into shelving for my office closet. When the big clean-out started, I realized I had another display souroce for my hoyas. There's at least 35 hoyas on this stand; the bottom three shelves have hoyas on it that are all new this year. The hoyas on the top shelf is the one that gives me the most problems, because they send vines over to visit their neighbours, and I have to unwind them. If you look on top of the speaker sitting to the right, this is a 7 year old plant that is an offspring of my first hoya, which itself was an offspring of a hoya my mother had for 20 years. Its hoya carnosa, and is sometimes known as an heirloom hoya, because, looked after properly, they can live more than 50 years.
The stand sits to the right of a window that faces south-east (in fact its in the room directly below the stand in the post below), and gets very bright light and lots of direct morning sun.

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